Q&A - Driving a US Resident's Vehicle in BC

Q&A ImageIf a US resident comes to BC with his/her US licensed and insured vehicle to visit friends or family, is there a restriction about who can drive the vehicle?  Can a BC licensed driver operate the vehicle, and if so, does the owner of the vehicle have to be in the vehicle while it is being driven by the BC driver.

The owner of the vehicle has already checked with their US insurance company.  They have no issues with this situation.

Here is an excerpt from Visitors to Canada and other Temporary Residents, from the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) Web site:

What you can bring with you:

As a temporary resident, you can bring certain goods into Canada for your own use as "personal baggage". Personal baggage includes clothing, camping and sports equipment, cameras and personal computers. It also includes vehicles, private boats and aircraft.

You must declare all goods when you arrive at the first CBSA port of entry. Border services officers (BSOs) do conduct examinations of goods being imported or exported to verify declarations. If you declare goods when you arrive and take the goods back with you when you leave, you will not have to pay any duty or taxes. These goods cannot be:

  • used by a resident of Canada;
  • used on behalf of a business based in Canada;
  • be given as a gift to a Canadian resident; or
  • disposed of or left in Canada.

Please also refer to the Memorandum D2-1-1, Temporary Importation of Baggage by Non-Resident.