Q&A - Flat Towing a Vehicle

Q&A ImageI've looked at the regs for brakes on trailers, but I'm not sure how it would apply to flat towing a vehicle. My '92 Jeep weighs in around 3,000 lbs (spec curb weight is ‎2,855–3,241 lb (1,295–1,470 kg)). We'd be pulling it with a 2015 Yukon 4WD (rated towing weight 8200 lb/ 3719 kg, curb weight 5707 lb / 2588 kg).

The regs say:

(3) A trailer shall be equipped with brakes at each end of each axle, but brakes are not required

(b) on any axle of a trailer other than a towing dolly if the licensed vehicle weight of the trailer

(i) is 1 400 kg or less, and

(ii) is less than 50% of the licensed vehicle weight of the vehicle by which it is being towed,

So sounds like I'm right on the borderline of every spec there. But do the regular "trailer" specs apply to towing another vehicle, or is there another part of the regs I'm missing? I've also had it suggested that I just get a dolly for it, but the same numbers seem to apply either way, except I have to factor in the weight of the dolly itself, too.