Q&A - My Witness in Traffic Court

Q&A ImageI do have a couple more questions related to court:

1)I will be bringing a witness who was in the vehicle at the time.  Do I need to inform the court ahead of time of this?  Or is it something I would do when the case starts?

2)I assume the witness would testify after the Officer but before myself?  Is that right?



No, you do not need to inform the court, only the court registry if you need them to issue a subpeona for the witness. If the witness is going to attend voluntarily, this is not necessary. The only time it is important is if the witness does not show up. The JJP is usually reluctant to adjourn for the witness unless the subpeona has been served.

The witness would definitely testify after the officer but I'm not sure if the witness needs to testify after you or not. My guess is probably after you, but if you ask for advice, I'm sure that the JJP would help you decide.

The witness will need to leave the courtroom when your case is called and wait outside until you call them in to testify.

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