Q&A - Red Light Camera Served to Dealership

Q&A ImageI work at a used car dealership (not the owner) doing administration. One of the dealership vehicles was on a test drive (with D plate in a bag with a plate bag pouch) and the test driver drove through a red light up the street and the red light camera took a picture. Someone from court sevices just came by and served the car dealership with a ticket as the demonstration plate belongs to the dealership. I would like to nominate the test driver but reading the ICBC website I cannot nominate anyone since the ticket has been served to the dealership..plus I would have to get the test driver to agree (which they might but probably wouldn't).

Intersection Safety Cameras

IF the ticket has been personally served, you cannot nominate another driver.

1. So my options now are obviously to dispute the ticket? Its not right how you can't nominate the real culprit after being given a ticket.

2. Has anyone had any experience with something like this?

3. I'm not the dealership owner so how could I dispute this on behalf of the dealership?

This entire system went through major changes when speed checking was added to the red light camera systems in 2019.

Currently the driver cannot be nominated for Intersection Safety Camera tickets.

It appears that the driver cannot be nominated anymore for Intersection Safety Camera tickets.

So now, they've taken away the vehicle owner's right to identify the driver, and thereby potentially shift the responsibility onto the person who committed the offence?

What fool thought this one up, and how the hell do they justify it?

Some cynics might think that it's just about the money, and so the more bad drivers there are then the more money the government (or whomever) makes, it's more important than protecting the rest of the public from those same bad drivers.

This should be all about holding the driver accountable first.

If the vehicle owner does not exercise due diligence in entrusting their vehicle to a responsible driver, then it should fall back on them should they not identify the driver, but only then.

It can't go on like this.

Fining vehicle owners for driver's mistakes (including the vehicle owner, if that's who was driving) isn't acceptable, when drivers can be made accountable. That's why we have a demerits point system, which RSBC appears to have forgotten about.

If it's a company vehicle, then they must identify the driver. It can't be otherwise.

The money made out of this Intersection Safety Camera system - and it's a lot of dollars, when you look at the numbers - will still go to the local municpalities at the end of the day. All is good, there.

But the driver MUST be made accountable. Otherwise, what's the point? Other than the potential for a vehicle owner (who could be some wealthy N driver in a Ferrari) to get a fine in the mail - in other words, an inconsequential penalty.