Q&A - Traffic Calming on Strata Properties

Q&A ImageI live in a Strata Complex in Coquitlam, road access to the homes is from a busy street.  Strata Complex roads are narrow and require drivers to drive <25k - the problem in the community is some drivers risky behaviour is a source of concern for many.  Safety measures have been investigated resulting in Speed bump installation, stop signs, etc.  What other choices are there for helping to educate the drivers who choose to ignore the request to slow down.



Perhaps a good place to start is in the article about Traffic Calming in Your Neighbourhood on this site. There are a couple of good links to documents that may be of some help there.

You have a bit of a unique situation because you are trying to control traffic and driver behaviour on private property. The police will not be of any help unless the driving behaviour amounts to a criminal offence. It is up to your strata bylaws and council to deal with the issue either through traffic calming measures, bylaw enforcement or both.

If the driver is receptive, you might be able to solve the problem simply by explaining politely and asking them to reconsider how they drive. Often the "good neighbour" approach is neglected.

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