Q&A - Will Getting a Ticket Delay my Road Test?

New Driver Signs 2011I have received a ticket for disobeying license instructions over the weekend. I hold a Learners license, which alows me to drive with a supervisor of 25+ and with a valid class 5 license. At the time stopped I did not have a supervisor, and did not have my "L" sign displayed. This is my first offence. I have a "N" test booked in 6 weeks from today, does that mean the test date will be reset to a year from today, or remains the same? I intend to pay the ticket today.

I'm guessing that you received a ticket under section 25(15) MVA for disobeying the conditions on your licence. This ticket carries 3 penalty points.

If you currently have no points, this ticket will not affect your road test. If you did have some and the Superintendent was quick enough, the resulting prohibition from driving would put off the road test and extend your time in the GLP. For more information on prohibitions, check the article on the Driver Improvement Program.