VIDEO - Snowplow Safety

VideoFrom the video description: If you are travelling BC highways during the winter months please be prepared and be aware - drive to conditions and take your time to get where you’re going. Our maintenance contractors are out there clearing our highways and provincial roads to make it safer for those driving on them and so we are asking anyone who is on the road with a snow plow to please steer clear and let them clear the road. It is never safe to pass a snow plow on the right or weave between plows when they are clearing the road.

These plows are usually out in dangerous conditions and if they collide with other vehicles this not only takes the plow out of commission but, a crash can result in serious injuries to the occupants or worse. Be patient as they get their job done and, as we can see from this video, these snow plow operators are working as quickly and as safely as they can to move along the highway and get the road cleared.