VIDEO - How to Steer a Car

VideoAlthough this instruction takes place in a right hand drive vehicle, the principles are exactly the same for left hand drive. Three methods or steering are shown: push-pull steering for general driving, hand over hand for slow speed maneuvering and fixed input for small changes in direction. Notice that when at rest, the driver places his hands in the 3 and 9 position, not 10 and 2 as we may have learned to do in the past.

Guess that is why the makers have the steering wheels built with the big fat centres. So that you can rest your thumbs.

Remarkable. Four minutes of, shall we say, 'instruction' and yet so much information not given.

No actual reason is given for using any particular technique, there's no mention of the danger from airbags, no discussion or recognition of the right-hand-dominance that afflicts many drivers, no explanation of the difference between guiding a vehicle using forearm and wrist muscles as compared to pushing from the shoulder.

And the technique of driving slightly sharper curves by moving the appropriate hand up the wheel rim in advance of the curve apparently never occurred to the fellow doing the commentary.