Information related to driver behaviour.

Relieving Driving Stress

Stressed Out DriverMy question is, what do we do about stress and anger on the roads due to drivers that are endangering lives of others? What do you recommend to help get your mind off a negative experience while driving?

Traffic Calming

Traffic CalmingWe recently moved to Comox from Ontario and we love everything about the area, the people, the weather....all except one thing: the speed at which some vehicles travel is exceptionally fast and dangerous. As soon as they can see the road is clear, feet hit gas pedals.

Unsafe Lane Changes

Unsafe Lane ChangeThere are days when I wish I still had my ticket book. I watched a particularly foolish middle aged driver the other afternoon who needed to cross over two lanes of traffic in order to prepare for a left turn about a kilometer ahead. This driver did zoom across all the lanes without pause, ending up in the left hand lane about three vehicle lengths ahead of a heavy truck.

Following Too Closely

follow too closelyDo you follow the "two second" rule? Pick a point that the vehicle in front of you passes, and count the number of seconds it takes you to reach that point. If it is less than two seconds, you are following too closely.


BulldozerSeveral times I've been on the highway and had someone, usually in a big truck or old car come right up behind me, so close that I can't really see the front of their vehicle. I drive a small Toyota and it scares me! Of course, this is what they mean to do because they are bullies. What do you think I can do next time I come across one of these people?

Use Your Headlights!

HeadlightsOne of my pet peeves is drivers who do not have lights on during the day .... particularly when it is foggy, raining very hard, or there is a very dark overcast. On our last trip we saw many vehicles with no tail lights on. It was very dark out because of low, thick clouds and rain and the lack of lights is a recipe for an accidental meeting.

Setting an Example

Speed SignThe past weekend's high speed crash on the Lougheed Highway in Maple Ridge has us all shaking our heads in dismay. How could a young driver consider operating their vehicle at such speeds? Don't they know that it is dangerous to drive like this?

Driving and Cell Phones

Driving DistractionsI'm a bit surprised that I have never dealt with the subject of cell phone use while driving in this column. There has been ample opportunity, from observing drivers while I am at work, to reading reports about it from safety researchers, your suggestions, and even a comment from the judiciary about clamping down on drivers who use them when they drive.

Can You See?

Frosty Car WindshieldDepending on where you are reading this column in British Columbia, the autumn frosts are either already here, or will be here shortly. This means that it is now time to be aware of the lazy driver who can't or won't scrape their windows and pulls onto the highway before the defrosters have had a chance to clear more than a small patch low on the windshield.

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