COURTS - Traffic Ticket Dispute by Telephone

BC Courts Coat of ArmsWay back in 2007 the Offence Act was amended by Bill 33, adding section 15(3). This amendment would allow the disputant the same privilege as the prosecutor in conducting a trial by teleconference or telephone. On June 22, 2020 this amendment was finally proclaimed to be in force.

While the legislation now permits this to take place, don't expect to be able to use it immediately. Last April the provincial court answered the question "Why isn’t the BC Provincial Court using more video technology for hearings?" That document contains a link to the Court Digital Transformation Strategy 2019 - 2023.

Here is Attorney General David Eby's foreward to the document:

This Court Digital Transformation Strategy is an important part of government’s commitment to improving access to justice for British Columbians.  It provides a clear roadmap to improving services and accessibility for our citizens and promoting innovation and technology to meet the needs of the judiciary.  It is a major undertaking to develop a strategy that will serve the many stakeholders in the B.C. court system including the public, the legal profession, judges, police, Indigenous people, and court services staff.  I thank the ministry staff who have collaborated with our partners to identify key priorities and develop this comprehensive guide to transforming our digital services.  By harnessing the power of technology we will meet public expectations for service excellence and make life better for British Columbians.