Buyer Beware

Warning"If it is illegal for me to have on my vehicle, how come they are selling it to me at the store?" This question is common in response to corrective action taken after inspecting an illegally equipped vehicle at the roadside. In some cases the question is asked in an attempt to deflect responsibility, and in others it is asked simply because the driver trusted the retailer.

How to Identify the Driver

Ticket WriterIn the majority of traffic stops the officer pulls the driver over, receives a valid driver's licence with photo, completes the stop and carries on. The challenge begins when the driver fails to produce their licence or the officer is investigating a driving complaint. Who is the driver?

VIDEO - Vancouver's Worst Drivers: April 11, 2023

VideoVancouver's Worst Drivers is a YouTube channel that features submitted dash cam video from BC's Lower Mainland highlighting examples of terrible driving. The videos show collisions, people being dumb behind the wheel, people having no idea how rules of the road work, pedestrians doing stupid things, along with rants on things that drive the channel author nuts about other drivers.

POLL - Automated Speed Enforcement

intersection camera warning signA poll conducted by Research Co. last September found that more than three of five British Columbia residents agree with four different types of automated speed enforcement. Fixed speed cameras (76%), Speed on Green intersection cameras (72%), mobile speed cameras (66%) and finally point to point  speed enforcement cameras (61%) were surveyed.

Motorcycle Driver's Licence Restrictions

BC Driver's LicenceDriver's licence restrictions are used to restrict the operation of motor vehicles until the driver gains sufficient experience in their operation to have them removed. They are also used in the case of a medical condition or functional deficit. Restrictions may be imposed by either RoadSafetyBC or ICBC depending on the situation.