Q&A - How long do speeding demerit points stay on drivers record

Q&A ImageHow long after conviction do speeding demerit points stay on driver's record?



Convictions for hazardous moving violations stay on a driver's record forever. However, since a driving record abstract only shows the past 5 years, you effectively only have to show part of your driving history to a prospective employer. Criminal convictions may be an exception to this.

Points are only a record keeping measure to apply weight to convictions. Driving without due care and attention (6 points) is more serious than speeding (3 points). The number of penalty points assigned to a hazardous moving violation are set out in Division 28 of the Motor Vehicle Act Regulations.

ICBC totals up points and bills a driver what amounts to a bad driving premium each year on their birthday based on a year's worth of driving record. For more information, see the ICBC web site page for Driver Penalty Points.

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