CASE LAW - Chamberlin v ICBC

BC Courts Coat of ArmsTyler Chamberlin is suing ICBC over a hit and run collision alleged to have occurred on July 19, 2018 in Nanaimo. He was riding his bicycle and claims to have been struck by a car whose driver failed to remain at the scene. He says that he suffered both physical and emotional injury.

[4]             The relief sought in the notices of civil claim attached to the Form 122 demands and the petition is wide-ranging. It includes a private audience with Her Majesty, the suspension of trade with China, the dismantling of Transport Canada, the postponement of an election, the release of classified documents, the “cleaning up of the swamp,” the reconstruction of the RCMP, an MRI of his entire body, $32 trillion dollars, and 500,000 Tesla shares.

There is not much more to say....

I'll bet that what really happened on July 19 2018 is that Mr Chamberlin fell off his bike.

And landed on his head ... 

Perhaps Mr. Chamberlin is a descendent of Neville and he wants to set the record straight with the Crown or...he may just want to tell her that he loves her a lot but he's got to get a belly full of wine.