CASE LAW - R v Chan

BC Courts Coat of ArmsA citizen contacted police to report a hit and run collision in the 2700 block of Franklin Street of Vancouver. A black vehicle had struck a parked car and left the scene. Patrols located a black Honda Accord, BC licence BG3-10K, parked nearby that had sustained collision damage but did not show obvious signs of having been stolen.

The owner of the Honda, Chi Wai Chan, contacted police and advised that his vehicle had been stolen while he was at a restaurant in the vicinity of the collision.

Examination of cell phone call records showed that Mr. Chan's cell phone was in the vicinity of the collision scene at the time that he reported theft of his Honda.

Mr. Chan was issued a traffic ticket containing two counts, failing to leave information in writing and being a registered owner giving false information. He was convicted of both counts after a trial before Judicial Justice Schwartz.

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