CASE LAW - R v Dickson

BC Courts Coat of ArmsThis Supreme Court case from 2003 is useful to illustrate two topics: lane splitting by motorcyclists is illegal in BC and traffic court justices may prohibit drivers based on a bad driving record and have the prohibition upheld by the higher courts.

Kenneth Dickson was traveling on a roadway with two lanes in each direction in Vancouver, BC. The traffic signal ahead turned red and traffic stopped. Mr. Dickson decided not to wait and rode ahead between the two lines of traffic. As fate would have it, one of the vehicles waiting patiently for the light to turn green was an unmarked police car.

Mr. Dickson was stopped and issued a traffic ticket for passing on the right which he disputed. His Worship Almond found him guilty, fined him $86 and prohibited him from driving for 60 days. The conviction was appealed to the Supreme Court where Mr. Justice Rogers upheld the conviction and the penalty.


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