CASE LAW - R v Jacobson

BC Courts Coat of ArmsThe police must follow the provisions of the Emergency Vehicle Driving Regulation when they intend to employ the exemption from the rules of the road set out in the Motor Vehicle Act. In this case, Constable Jacobson was driving his police vehicle on Highway 97 at Daimler Drive in West Kelowna approaching a red light. Hoping to save a few minutes arriving at a complaint he activated the police vehicles's emergency lights and siren about 4 - 5 vehicle lengths’ back from the beginning of the left turn lane on Highway 97 going south. He attempted to make a left hand turn in the intersection and was struck by a northbound Jetta.

Following an investigation of the collision, Constable Jacobson was issued a violation ticket for disobeying a red light. He disputed the ticket and was found guilty by the honourable judge M. E. Shaw. The judge found that the constable did not have the justification in the circumstances to exercise the privileges granted by the Motor Vehicle Act and found him guilty of the offence.




My first question is, that in as much as Officer Jacobson was determined to be at fault in this collision, what was the outcome in terms of penalties, etc?

Did the officer receive a ticket for driving without due care (or anything else)?  If not, why not?

Who paid for the repairs, both to the RCMP car, and the Wiebe vehicle?  Was there any injury to any party involved?  Did ICBC have to absorb any of the cost?

And so on.  Including the broader question of just how many collisions RCMP vehicles are involved in annually - who has this information, and how can we get it released?


1) Very likely the same penalty as anyone else receiving a red light ticket.

2) That's a question for Crown Counsel. They decided the charge to proceed with.

3) You and I paid for the repairs.

4) You should be able to get the data from a FOI request to the RCMP.

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