CASE LAW - R v Nguyen

BC Courts Coat of ArmsThis is a case where a series of bad decisions and defective equipment led to the death of a pedestrian walking on a path beside the highway at Ucluelet. Van Nho Nguyen had performed maintenance on the rear brakes of his truck that resulted in those brakes not functioning correctly. He attached an overloaded boat trailer that had the surge brake removed to the truck and drove from Toquart Bay to Ucluelet. On the way, Mr. Nguyen lost control of the combination. The trailer struck Ms. Lorraine Ennis, who was walking on a pedestrian path beside the highway, dragged her approximately 15 metres, and killed her.

Mr. Nguyen was sentenced to 22 months imprisonment and was prohibited from driving for 10 years.


This sentence is too little too late.Where are roadside inspectiosn of older vehicle and boats and trailers? It seems that the RCMP have so few resources that they have not conducted a speed campaign on the Malahat since March 19th , nabbing 73 speeders.

Hi Tim,

Okay, It 's approximately 49 days since the RCMP IRU conducted a radar caapaign on the Malahat , with similar results as the previous campaigns. Why are these campaigns not at least weekly?

It's safe to say that there have been 49 days since a campaign on the Malahat has been publicized. It's not safe to say that the CRD IRSU, South Island Traffic Services Shawnigan Lake or Westshore Detachments have not been working there since. You have to be careful about making blanket statements like these unless you can justify them.

Hi Tim,

I understand that our police forces are overloaded with work and short staffed

Would you have any information source to  confirm that towing excessive speeding drivers on the Malahat is a routine occurance? It seems that there should have been   quite a number towed in the past month or so. 

My only source on enforcement on the Malahat is the Times Colonist which has reported on the IRU radar campaigns.

Locally, The Comox valley Record used to have a weekly police report, including traffic infraction, which gave an indication of enforcement activities.

It seems to me that promoting accident prevention is a low priority.Although a lot ot tickest are written , there are too mant that drive 30- 40 plus kph over the limit.The evidence is clear from the Malahat IRU radar campaign results.

I know -beating a dead horse - a modern, elctronic dead horse.