CASE LAW - R v Prediger

BC Courts Coat of ArmsDaniel Prediger was issued a traffic ticket for speeding at Isle Pierre and appeared in traffic court represented by counsel before Judicial Justice Adair to dispute the allegation. The lawyer raised two issues, the officer using a memory aid to assist in testimony and what evidence needs to be led by the Crown before the court can rely on a speed measuring device reading.

The Judicial Justice explained about traffic court workloads and how the Offence Act provides for a more relaxed approach to both evidence and trial procedures to promote efficiency. Following that, he expressed the view that a suitable check sheet would contain nothing more than bullet points to insure that the testimony contained the necessary elements to approve the offence.

In this case, the officer tried to use what amounted to a script or narrative. Permission to do so was denied and his evidence was given without it.

The discussion on radar parallels that described recently in R v Drewcock and the Judicial Justice chose to convict Mr. Prediger.