CASE LAW - R v Drewcock

BC Courts Coat of ArmsThis is a case where Timothy Drewcock appealed his conviction for speeding in traffic court. His position is that the JJP should not have admitted police radar evidence because there was no evidence explaining when and how the radar instrument used in the case was tested and what tests were made.

Of interest in this case is the mention of Khadikin v HMTQ and R v Geraghty where the basis for entering radar evidence in court is explained. Unfortunately, I was unable to find the Geraghty case to link here.

Essentially, Crown is required to give evidence that:

  • The radar operator was qualified to operate the instrument
  • The instrument had been tested in the manner required by the manufacturer
  • The instrument was operating properly
  • The instrument was capable of accurately measuring the speed of a moving vehicle