Q&A - Fatal Collision

drowsy driverI’m not sure if your able to help or direct me, but I will try and see what you think. My 27 year old son was recently killed in a tragic motor vehicle accident.

Another 25 year old young man was also killed in a different vehicle in the same accident and in fact another person in another vehicle was injured as well. I think broken bones.

They were all lined up stopped at a red light waiting for it to change to green when a 5 ton box truck hit them from behind.

My son was killed instantly, and his car pushed off the the side. The truck in front of him burst into flames and there was a very intense fire. It’s driver was also killed instantly but was burned beyond recognition and had to be identified by his dental records. The person in the truck in front of him received injuries.

All vehicles were completely destroyed.

The truck driver said he fell asleep and can’t remember anything once he crossed the bridge before the collision scene.

When we visited our sons memorial at the crash site we saw a beautiful 4 lane divided highway. The bridge he crossed along with a bend in the road were a fairly long distance from the light. We were more confused then ever. It was a beautiful sunny day at about 3 pm when this crash occurred, it really is difficult to make any sense of it all.

Investigations are taking place and we do understand that this all takes time.  One of the questions I have is that until this truck driver is charged he could still be driving. Is this true? We've also heard that he may only receive a traffic violation and may possibly avoid the loss his truck driving license. Could this also be true that after killing two young men and injuring another in an accident when the vehicles he hit were completely stopped?

It seems to me that falling asleep / fatigued driving would be the highest form of distracted driving there could possibly be.

Thank you for taking time to listen to my concerns.

I chose to make my response as this article. It is a skim over the basics of the topic and I would not be surprised if it raises many more questions.