Q&A - Video Evidence in Defence

Q&A ImageI received a ticket in June 2012 while trying to go from a parking lot thru a right hand turn lane into a left turn lane. As I cautiously left the parking lot and almost cleared right hand turn lane a car in the left turn lane abruptly stopped at the yellow light.

I looked to my left and noticed cars backing up in right hand turn lane, I tried to nudge up and clear the lane for the turners and the vehicle in front would not give an inch.

I tried to nudge up and may have inadvertently bumped her bumper.

She jumped out of her car screaming at me. I asked her to pull up so I could clear the lane. She then jumped back in her car and took off.

I continued into the left lane turned and went home. about four hours later a cop showed up with a ticket for 6 points and $196 in fines. I disputed the ticket and am waiting for court date.

The beauty about this is it was under a video camera and I have a beautiful representation of what happened in HD. I want to give the cop one more chance to make it go away. 

Any suggestions??

Speak to the Officer

I always have suggestions. Often the difficulty is coming up with useful ones!

Yes, you could make an appointment with the officer and tell him that you have video evidence that you would like to share with him that you will be entering in court as evidence if the matter proceeds to trial. Consider carefully whether the video could provide evidence to support the prosecution or not before you do this though.

If you are confident that this will support your point and the officer agrees to meet, if he decides that it is appropriate, the proceedings can be stopped before the trial date. I know that I would have done so, as there is no point wasting everyone's time.

If he does not agree, either about meeting or about the video content, just be sure that you have some way of showing the video at trial and explaining where it came from. Taking your laptop should be sufficient.

Using Video Evidence in Court

If you end up going to trial, I have a video evidence how to here.