Q&A - Can I Call 911 While Driving?

Q&A ImageQuestion: When reading one of the ICBC manuals recently (I can’t find the reference just now) it sounded like it was ok to use a cell phone to call 911 while driving. Could that be correct?

Yes, You Can Call 911

This is one of the only exemptions allowing you to use a cell phone that is not hands free while driving. You may call the police, fire department or ambulance service about an emergency without running afoul of the distracted driving legislation.

Exceptions to prohibition — certain permitted activities

214.4  Section 214.2 does not apply to a person who uses an electronic device

(a) while operating a motor vehicle that is safely parked off the roadway or lawfully parked on the roadway and is not impeding traffic,

(b) to call or send a message to a police force, fire department or ambulance service about an emergency, or

(c) that is configured and equipped to allow hands-free use in a telephone function, is used in a hands-free manner and is used in accordance with the regulations, if any.