VIDEO - Surviving the New "Drunk Driver"

video iconHere's a video about distracted driving with a different point of view: how to avoid them! DriveSafeRideSafe believes that all drivers need to be educated about the likelihood they will need to protect themselves from the mistakes of other drivers on the road. Distracted driving is a defensive-driving issue for every responsible person controlling a vehicle today, and especially for teenage drivers.



Cell phones and other gadgets

When cell phones started to become popular and before the advent of texting, the BC Transportation Ministry did studies to determine the effects on a driver's attention level when engaged in a conversation. These studies concluded that the distraction level was significant.  But they also showed that there was NO DIFFERENCE between using the device hand-held or hands-free. 

Despite their own findings, the legislation was written to permit one but not the other. Furthermore, police and other persons were exempted from the legislation.

Since that time, cell phones, electronic gadgetry and a host of other things are being offered by auto manufacturers in ever increasing numbers with gay abandon. Is this not some subversive plot to ensure that there will be a continuing market for new cars to replace the crashed ones?  And why are police considered to be super-human in their abilities? Of course we understand that emergency situations take precedent but the risk is still there.

Perhaps there are two options for the legislators to consider:

One is to insist that the auto manufacturers install systems to disable adjustment of the gadgets and to block cell phone signals while the vehicle is in motion.

The second is to remove these conditions for automomous drive vehicles but only if there is no driver input.


Just me sitting here on my

Just me sitting here on my motorcycle, minding my own busin-

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