Allowing an Unlicensed Minor to Drive

Enhanced BCDLI have a question. A friend of mine let his 13 year old daughter drive his car on the streets of our town! What are the implications if they got caught and/or if she got in an accident?

As one might expect, this is an offence against the Motor Vehicle Act. The Act simply says that anyone having possession or control of a motor vehicle and permits an unlicensed minor to drive it commits an offence.

Unlicensed minor in the driver's seat

Unlicensed Minor

85 A person who, being in possession or control of a motor vehicle, permits it to be driven or operated by a minor who is not the holder of a subsisting driver's licence permitting that operation commits an offence against this Act.


What one might not stop to consider is that if this child caused a collision it could result in financial ruin for the parent.

The Insurance (Vehicle) Act allows a claim to be denied if the insured violates a term or condition of the plan. One of the terms of your Autoplan insurance is that the driver must be properly licensed. 

At the least the parent who owns the vehicle would have to pay to repair damage to the vehicle.

At worst the parent would have to pay the entire bill for damage and injury caused to other property, vehicles and people involved in the collision.


75 All claims by or in respect of the applicant or insured are invalid and the right of an applicant, an insured, or a person claiming through or on behalf of an applicant or insured or of a person claiming as a dependant of the applicant or the insured, to insurance money under the plan or an optional insurance contract, is forfeited if

When we consider that it is routine to buy a million dollars of third party liability coverage today it is easy to imagine that the financial loss would be devastating. In view of these facts it can be seen that this is a very poor decision on the part of the parent.

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