SURVEY - Automated Speed Enforcement in BC

SurveyIn a survey dated August 13, 2018 conducted by ResearchCo asked "Do you approve or disapprove of using the following kinds of speed enforcement in British Columbia?"


The responses were:

  • Fixed speed cameras - 71% approval
  • Mobile speed cameras - 65% approval
  • Speed on green intersection cameras - 70% approval
  • Point to point speed cameras - 55% approval


Are like high school tests. Most people answer with what they have "learned" this "chapter" and do "well" on a "test".

Read this an weep:

We are being lied to:
- There is no carnage on the roads - roads are safer than they have ever been
- Monetary penalties do not adjust behavior - if they did ticket revenues would dwindle shortly after the introduction

- Speeding does not directly correlate to increased collisions - if it did 80% of drivers in Vancouver would have at-fault claims
- There is no safety correlation between automated enforcement and collision rates - if there was Edmonton would be the safest city to drive in, with half a million tickets issued annually - but it's in-line with the average Canadian city stats

And look, personally I don't care much for tickets, I'm an attentive driver, its no skin off my back to drive with-out being noticed. I care about systems, trends and outcomes.

The major problem with unfettered automated "enforcement" is the money the city gets for lying to the public. These systems are not for making the roads safer, they are for producing massive streams of cash for local Governments. City of Edmonton has issued nearly half a million automated tickets, ten times more overall tickets than the City of Ottawa. Both have comparable population. But despite the massive automated "enforcement" in Edmonton, both cities have comparable "road toll", just like any other average Canadian city.

Which means "road toll" does not get affected by poping-up cameras everywhere. Engineers, and Police officers know what affects the "road toll" - The triple EEE:

- Engineering - how the roads are laid out, and how well the vehicles are engineered to avoid or survive a collision
- Education - what the drivers know, how tests are conducted, how many effective PSAs the licensing authority issues
- Enforcement - visible presence of real Police on actual roads, addressing dangerous situations immediately

Automated cameras don't pull you over and tell you that you dun goofed 50 meters back there, real cops do. Automated cameras send a ticket to the registered owner 2 weeks later. They don't remove dangerous drivers off the roads and have no ability to stop someone from driving dangerously. Even if a registered owner gets 500 automated tickets, they would never be removed from the road or have their license taken away.

But now the City of Edmonton has $50+ million dollars on top of Ottawa that they didn't have to tax from the people, and don't have to worry about budgeting or accounting much - its the "scofflaw" dollars not "tax". They will spend it on hookers and blow, or other similarly effective but more excusable expenditures and nobody is going to bat an eye - its their money, not the taxpayer's.

The public polls are primarily for manufacturing consent. Its a gauge of emotional readiness. If only people knew the objective truth about the lies they are being fed, they would react reasonably and appropriately - "over my dead body" seems like the only appropriate degree for this undertaking.

  • Fixed speed cameras - 71% don't know the truth
  • Mobile speed cameras - 65% don't know the truth
  • Speed on green intersection cameras - 70% don't know the truth
  • Point to point speed cameras - 55% don't know the truth

(Interesting point about P2P cameras - those were the only ones that received somewhat equal pro/against coverage out of all 4 categories. The numbers represent exactly the balance of the published coverage - basically "how well the children have been taught")

Our public officials, doctors and Police chiefs are lying to us to get:
- More unaccounted budgets
- More scheduled overtime
- Fuzzball tables at the detachments
- Coffee, snacks and premium pay per view

^^ All documented "benefits" from other jurisdictions that have already went through the "automated" phase and are now reeling in from massive class action lawsuits centered around lying, corruption and bribery. We'll be paying tickets and 10 years from now we'll be paying the legal fees for the officials who's lies we are buying today, and we'll be on the hook to refund the automated tickets from the taxpayers pockets once the tickets are finally found to be completely bonkers.

A big, wholehearted "NO THANKS" to them.

We - collectively the modern drivers - have come a long way from 1960s, its time we became the recipients of our collective achievements.

Instead we are being pummeled with how bad we are and how much we should be paying for being bad. Its as if we were all D students in grade 1 and our parents would take us to get ice-cream. Then we moved on to being C students in grade 2 and our parents would say no ice-cream because you have improved. Then we've become B students in grade 3 - so our parents started slightly beating us for not improving fast enough. In grade 4 we all became straight A students - and were viciously abused every day with 25mm rebar for not being perfect. And ultimately, once we became the honor-roll students we all are right now - we are being chained to our desks under permanent house arrest and beaten unconscious for not bleeding enough.

Seems to me that up to 71% of respondents are victims of the Stockholm syndrom, being held captive by the Gov narrative, with no clear view of the actual facts, statistics or knowledge of what happened in other jurisdictions.

A very interesting read.  Thanks for that.  I too think our society is becoming more of the “sheeple” type followers.  Your article makes for some great thought provoking.