Q&A - How To Attach a New Driver Sign

New Driver Signs 2011How do I display my N if the magnet won't stick to my car? The back window is too dark for it to be on the inside. I've tried Mail Label envelopes and they only work for a little while. I've lost so many N magnets, I'd like a better solution. Help!

Why is the back window so dark? I would have thought that if you're able to see what's behind you in your rear-view mirror, then using clear tape to attach the N to the inside of the window (behind the left rear seat is the best place) it oughta be visible to drivers behind.

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Many rear windows these days have glass that is black enough that a new driver sign applied to the inside is invisible from the outside.

But fortunately, you can pick up a few N signs free at your local license office, just slap 'em on the inside of your trunk lid so you have a spare if you need one.

I gotta say, in the Driving School business many of us use magnetic signs without a problem - and without anybody stealing them. The professional classes require a Student Driver sign at minimum, and many of the regular driving schools slap on L & N signs even though they're not required.

So is there really that much of an issue with people stealing N signs? What's up with that, anyway? It's a pointless thing to do.

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I understand from speaking with GLP drivers who did not have a sign that theft is common if they leave it on the back of their vehicle in the school parking lot.

In this case, it is one of the magnet doesn't stick to the body at the rear of the vehicle.

Ended up gluing my N on back when I had to have one, Although it did leave residual behind when I had to remove it. Could look at adding a suction cup to the sign or potentially run a clear bag from trunk so you have something to put the sign in.