Q&A - Police Refuse to Make Speed Enforcement Patrols

Q&A ImageHi, I am a concerned citizen and home owner that lives on Blind Bay Road in the South Shuswap.

This spring the speed limit was changed to 50 km/hr. from 60 km/hr, which I was in favour of. The problem with this is that it doesn't really matter what the posted speed is as it is not enforced.

We have talked to the Salmon Arm RCMP and they said they get numerous complaints about this, but they cannot send members out here as they only have 2 officers policing the entire city of Salmon Arm.

It is so dangerous along this road as there are marinas, parks and boat launches all along this narrow street, not to mention it's a very fast growing resort area with a great deal of tourists.

There was a hit & run just 3 doors down from our house about a month ago.

I'm really not sure who to direct my concerns to as Blind Bay is not a city or village. If someone could point me in the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated.

I was at Cultus Lake this summer and thought the signs and speed limits were very appropriate. They even had a Water Fowl Crossing sign which is another issue of ours here on Blind Bay Road.

Thank you for any information that you can provide,

When did the refusal for service occur? Right now many RCMP personnel have been moved from their regular duties to help with the forest fire situation here in the province.

If this happened during the current fire problems, it would be understandable for the detachment commander to be unable to provide manpower for non-urgent matters.

I have asked the RCMP's Southeast District media liaison person for comment as the e-mail address on the Salmon Arm detachment's page is not working.

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They haven’t refused to make patrols, its just that summers are extremely busy in the Salmon Arm area and it’s difficult to get a member to the Blind Bay area. They said they would try to send a member when possible.

I think the real issue is that Blind Bay is growing into a large resort area and the Salmon Arm Detachment seems to be under staffed.

We are also 25 min. from Salmon Arm, adding to the difficulty of police presence in this area.

There are a few safety issues that need to be addressed as well and I’m not sure who to contact.

There is a parking lot and public washrooms across Blind Bay Rd. from a public beach. There isn’t a crosswalk in the entire area and people are carrying kayaks and children across the street while cars are speeding by.

Do you know who would be responsible for adding a crosswalk and signage for "Water Fowl Crossing” to Blind Bay Road? Is that a CSRD issue?

Any info on this would be greatly appreciated.

Can't send anyone out = refused to provide service to me. Your entire original message dealt with speed, hazards present and a need for speed enforcement that was not being provided. I can only respond to what I read so you do have to be succinct and to the point when you ask.

According to ICBC's crash maps, there has been one property damage only collision in the vicinity reported between 2011 and 2015.

You could ask the Columbia Shuswap Regional District for a crosswalk at the washrooms. This would likely be a joint effort between them and the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure. It appears that the MOTI has an office near you:

Salmon Arm Area

850c – 16 Street NE, Bag 100

Salmon Arm, BC V1E 4S4

250 503-3664

If finances are an issue, I see that the Lions Club used to operate the beaches and perhaps they would be willing to help.

You could also contact ICBC. They have community liaison people who can help recommend (and sometimes fund) solutions to road safety issues. Unfortunately, I've spent 10 minutes searching their site and I cannot find a link to contact this group. Chances are good that the claim center in Salmon Arm will know who this is and how to contact them.

Waterfowl Crossing signs would also be something under the control of the MOTI.

According to ICBC's crash maps, there has been one property damage only collision in the vicinity reported between 2011 and 2015.

That being the case, you just have to wonder how they justified dropping the speed limit in the spring now don't you?

It would appear to have excellent visibility and a great safety record (though the waterfowl may see things differently).

I noticed that that the road is narrow, winding, no passing double stripped and only one lane either way. Also I see where the washrooms are and that they put mail boxes on the beach side slightly to the left of the washrooms. Having people stop to collect their mail may hide persons crossing the road to and from the washrooms/beach making this an accident looking for a place to happen. You deffinately need a crosswalk with signs.

I spoke with the detachment commander in Salmon Arm, S/Sgt. West, this morning by telephone. He acknowledged that he was aware of the situation described and that they were doing what they could within their capabilities. If you were to approach the regional district and / or MOTI he would be happy to support any initiative that would see pedestrian safety improvements made here.

The nearest Traffic Services personnel are based in Sicamous but are managed out of Golden. Here is their contact information:

Box 810, 902 9th St,

Golden, V0A 1H0


Typically, they are responsible for numbered highways outside of municipal boundaries but you may be able to convince them to make the odd patrol along Blind Bay Road.

There is no service in the area from an Integrated Road Safety Unit (IRSU).