Q&A - Limitation of Action

Q&A ImageQuestion: I was involved in a traffic accident 2 nights ago in Vancouver. I hit another vehicle at an intersection and called the police. I could not remember the details of the accident but I told the police that I was not sure what colour the light was and admitted responsibility that I hit the other car.

The police took down all the information, asked me to report to ICBC but did not give me a ticket and did not say that they would be giving me one.

Will I be served a ticket at a later date?

Up to One Year

Police in BC have up to one year after the incident occurs in which to serve the offender with a traffic ticket.

Limitation of actions

78 An information for or in respect of an offence against or a contravention of this Act or the regulations must be laid within 12 months from the time when the matter of the information arose.

It is rare that tickets are not handed to the offender right away, but not unheard of. I would say, however, that the more time passes the less likely this is to happen.

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