Q&A - U-Turns Around Wide Boulevards

Q&A ImageI hope you don't mind a question about U-Turn that always puzzles me. On a 4-lane street (2 lanes in each direction) with a large boulevard in between, can a driver turn left and stop at that boulevard, when traffic is clear, turn left again on that road?

So this car would end up driving in the opposite direction. Does this action considered an illegal U-Turn?

To me it doesn't cause danger because on coming traffic would expect this car to turn as it stopped in the divider area. As the car stopped at the divider, and then make the turn, this is no different from a car coming from another street, stop at the divider area and then waiting to turn left.


Making a U-Turn in BC

Here is an article I have written about making u-turns in B.C. It is worth reading before you go any further so you will know where you are allowed to and not allowed to make a u-turn in this province.

We called the situation a boulevard u-turn when we were taking driver training at Depot Division at the start of my policing career. As long as you have followed all the rules for making u-turns you may make a u-turn in this situation.

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