Q&A - What's the Speed Limit When There Are No Signs?

Q&A ImageIs there a section under the highways laws that state in the absence of speed signage on a highway (ie a newly  constructed/upgraded section), a driver will use common sence to judge what a "safe" speed would be?

Hwy 33 as you leave Kelowna was completed in 2012 and designed for 80 kmh or higher. Speaking with Kelowna Hwy  Ministry, the speed was left at 60 due to local residents concerns, but is being looked at again to see if they can raise it.

Signage was not completed until 2013 (after I rcvd my ticket). The section in question had "one" 60kmh sign at the beginning, but then went on for about 4 Km with nothing except "normal" hwy signs such as distance to next towns. It also had an "Advanced Warning Flasher" for an intersection, which are for roads/hwys with "posted" speeds of 70kmh or greater (conflicting signage???). It was just prior to this intersection where the RCMP had their speed trap....right below the Advanced Warning Flasher.



To start with, read the topic here on Minimum Speed Sign Spacing. It also contains a discussion on speed limits when there are no signs posted and what the officer needs to prove in court about speed signage.

If you drove past the initial 60 km/h sign, you are going to have difficulty in traffic court convincing the justice that the speed was anything other than 60 km/h.

You are never really allowed to "use common sence to judge what a "safe" speed would be" except when you decide to go slower than the posted speed limit for safety reasons. Here is an article discussing Slow Driving and when to choose to do so.

Your advance warning flasher won't have any bearing on this issue.

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