Radar and Laser Detectors

Radar DetectorI was asked what I thought about radar and laser detectors again today and why the government has not seen fit to outlaw them. It's an interesting question and definitely has as many answers as there are people to express an opinion. Let's take a look at it from the point of view of a mixed message delivered to drivers that may serve to promote a bad attitude.

Radar and laser detectors installed in motor vehicles that use our highways have only one job to do. That job is to allow the driver to exceed the posted speed limit and avoid the attempts of law enforcement to take action against them for doing so. That seems to be the equivalent of a wink and a nudge from government telling drivers not to speed, but if you do, we're not that serious about it.

Of course, this is where some people jump in and say that speed alone is not the bad thing that it is made out to be. Maybe, but my experience has taught me that speed is a component, and sometimes a major component of all the other driving behaviours that they don't like and wish police would focus on instead. Examples of this would be following too closely, weaving in and out of lanes and failing to stop for traffic lights and stop signs.

Hello MLAs, if you are listening and have an interest in traffic safety it's time to stop with the mixed message. If encouraging drivers to follow the speed limit is what you are trying to accomplish, let's legislate against these devices. If not, then it's time to modify speed legislation to allow more lattitude. My vote is for the former and I see that BC is a province in the minority across Canada.

Still own one. When the limits were raised on most of the roads I drive on to 100K, I found that my preferred cruising speed seemed to fall in the acceptable range. Still have but haven't used for years.

If B.C. did decide to outlaw the equipment definitely would put in my complaint and would join any group that was against them.

With the Black Lives Matter Movement, defund the police, and all the other things going on today I don't think any government or police agency, would want to bring in laws allowing more secrecy to police agencies and that is what banning detectors comes down to. You are wanting to declare monitoring certain frequencies illegal. Next movement will be to make it illegal to record activity of law enforcement. Pretty slippery slopes to be playing on.