VIDEO - Resource Road Orientation

VideoBritish Columbia has over 620,000 km of resource roads that have been built to access natural resources by industry. They are also used by the general public to take part in recreational activities. They are not maintained to the same standard as public highways, if they are maintained at all. Four wheel drive or ATV type recreational vehicles may be required to use them.

Some active resource roads require the use of two way radio by all vehicles to avoid collisions. These frequencies require licenses to use legally. Licenses are obtained from Innovation Science and Economic Development Canada and the licence application can be found here.

All loaded vehicles have the right of way and recreational users will be expected to pull over and wait for the loaded vehicle to pass.

This video is an orientation on the use of resource roads by the public:

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Working throughout B.C. and Alberta saw many different standards.

One company only gave one warning second complaint you were banned from roads they used. Another even when you complained about lack of calling did nothing. Being a consultant we were often on the roads at different times than the loggers and trucks.

Appreciated when the digital radios hit the market. Remember having 4 radios to cover the frequencies required for one region. Always had two one for road use and the second for repeaters

So it is encouraging to see that a standardised procedure is being implemented.

On the other hand having being use to radio communications since the 50's I still think it is absurd that one cannot use a cell phone when driving.