VIEWPOINT - Confronted a Driver Tonight

SoapboxThis evening I had an encounter with such an awful driver I just cannot stop thinking about it and I need to vent and hopefully get some advice to cool me off...

While on my way to drop off my daughter at Rutledge field in West Vancouver for field hockey practice I had a lady blow through a stop sign directly in front of me.  Fortunately I was turning right so had slowed to make the turn and therefore did not get hit.  I followed her down 13th and she proceeded to run the next two stop signs, in the school zone no less.  At Marine Drive I pulled up beside her on the right and tried to get her attention to see if she was aware of what she had done.  With my 13 year old daughter beside me I was relatively calm as I did not want to 'embarass' her too much...

When she did not repsond and blatantly ignored me I put my vehicle in park and opened her passenger door to speak to her.  She immediately flew off the handle and told me she was going to call the police.  Not a bad idea I told her, especially as the police station was just opposite.  After snapping a couple of photos of her I let her pull her door closed and she sped off towards Park Royal.

Since I was dropping my daughter at Rutledge I was directly opposite the police station so I went inside to file a report with her licence plate and description and left my phone number.

On my way back to the field I saw the same lady in the parking lot with two police constables speaking to her.  I assumed I should be happy with the outcome and I didn't think about it anymore.

1 hour later at home I received a phone call from one of the constable for clarification of my 'story'.  Before giving my story I told him I had seen him and his partner interviewing the lady so knew he had already contacted her.  After telling my story he relayed to me that she had made a counter statement that I had reached into her car (across the passenger seat) and grabbed her - road rage?  A statement that could have major ramifications for any man and a blatant lie.  I have never been a road rage candidate and in fact have been blamed of the opposite - too calm.  Likely because I like to drive at speed in a controlled environemnt at the track.

The fact that this lady could so blatantly lie in order to avoid any consequences of her actions is just totally unbelievable.  The police told me it was likely best to drop the investigation as she told them she would not press charges...  Without an independant witness (apparently my 14 year old daughter does not count), she is in the 'drivers' seat so to speak and can do no wrong.

I realize my mistake was that I should have just taken photos and never engaged her, but with my engagement being nothing more then a photo opp does it make sense to allow this AWFUL driver to continue to risk peoples lives through her driving?

Appreciate any feedback.


You opened the door

I understand your outrage, and appreciate that you took the time to submit the police report; pointlessly, it would appear.

But you really crossed a line when you went over to her vehicle and even opened the door, as yelling at her from a distance hadn't worked. You're on your back foot, is my opinion; probably best to drop it, no matter who's 'right'.

(On the other hand, as she hasn't any evidence or witness on her side to reinforce her version of events, I doubt very much that a judge would uphold a conviction for assault - and that it's tempting to push this issue with her and not be intimidated.)

Also, you should remember to not only put your car in park, but set your parking brake, particularly if leaving your car on a hill with the motor running and a passenger on board.

Parking brake always

Thanks for that.  Probably you are right.  Opening the door was not the best call and I should have just documented the details.  Police would have been able to do more that way.

By the way I did put the brake on as well.  Good obervation though.

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