Q&A - Abuse of Disabled Parking Permits

Q&A ImageI reside in Vancouver and there is a resident (female) in my building, who has a disabled parking pass hanging from her vehicle mirror....The problem that I have with this, is that the permit was for her former husband, who was disabled, and passed away about 2 years ago.

She still uses the permit for her car, and is as healthy, and able, as are most drivers. I have seen her park the car in a permit spot on Granville Island, on more than one occasion, and casually walk to the market.

This to me, is abuse of a permit, not issued to her in particular. Please advise me if there is a reason for her still using this permit.



Disabled persons (handicapped) parking permits are issued under the authority of Division 38 of the Motor Vehicle Act Regulations.

It is an offence to use a permit issued to someone else, even if you are disabled. The issuer of the permit could cancel it for such behaviour. SPARC BC is probably the best known agency that issues these permits on behalf of ICBC but there are others, including People in Motion which issues permits for the City of Kamloops and Thompson/Nicola Region.

You would have to advise the appropriate agency that the permit is being misused and ask them to take action.

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