Entering an Intersection on a New Green Light

Green Traffic LightI watched the driver on either side of me this morning on my way to work. We were stopped waiting for a red light to turn green and I could see that both of them were totally focused on the that light. Neither one of them moved their heads and immediately started off when the light turned green. What a wonderful example of blind faith!

CASE LAW - Petes v Peterson

BC Courts Coat of ArmsThe case of Petes v Petersen illustrates the dangers of making a lane change at or near an intersection. The collision that gave rise to this occurred at the intersection of Marshall Road and Guilford Drive in Abbotsford. James Petersen was driving his Ford Fusion westbound on Marshall and Laszlo Petes was driving his Suzuki pickup southbound on Guilford, turning right onto Marshall.

PROJECT: Small Towns Big Steps Active Transportation

Six small towns in British Columbia have been singled out for their leadership in Active Transportation. Burns Lake, Duncan, Gibsons, Nelson, Powell River and Rossland were examined for their efforts in promoting Active Transportation. The resulting report aims to assist other communities to improve Active Transportation within their boundaries by explaining the success of the six.

Passing on the Left

Passing Permitted SignAccording to Tuning Up For Drivers on page 102, passing other vehicles is a manoeuvre that should be used sparingly. If you’re behind a vehicle that’s going well below the speed limit, you may want to pass. But if it’s not very far to where you plan to turn off, then passing may not be smart.

STUDY - TIRF COVID-19 Road Safety Monitor

TIRF LogoThe Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF) has released a study on the Impact of the Pandemic on Road Safety & Mobility. The 17 page fact sheet examines the effects of the pandemic on the road safety attitudes, beliefs and practices of Canadians and the information that it contains was gathered from an on line survey consisting of a random representative sample.

Antilock Brakes

Antilock BrakesAnti-lock brakes (ABS) have gone from being a novelty to being present on most vehicles today. Have you read and understood the section of your vehicle owner's manual on this vital safety system? Contrary to popular belief, ABS does not always mean shorter stopping distances.

SAFETY CONCEPT - Back In Angled Parking

Parking Permitted SignWhen we lived in Penticton we would often go to the beach after dinner, parking on Lakeshore Drive. This was nose in angle parking on the lake side of the two way street. If you were lucky enough to find a spot, parking was easy. However, leaving could be a problem, especially if something big was parked to your right.

WORKSAFEBC - Defective Vehicle Penalties

WorkSafeBC LogoCanadian Occupational Safety Magazine reports an example of two B.C. employers receiving significant penalties for vehicle safety violations. Qualified Contractors Limited of Surrey and BNN Enterprises Limited of Pitt Meadows both failed to properly maintain farm worker transportation vehicles.

Changing Lanes in Intersections

Lane ChangeI am often asked to tell the motoring public that it is illegal to change lanes in an intersection. I cannot do this, because there is no specific rule prohibiting this driving action in B.C.'s Motor Vehicle Act. However, a defensive driver will choose not to do this, even if it is legal.

CASE LAW - R v Hrynyk

BC Courts Coat of ArmsKimberly Hrynyk pulled into a Starbucks in Victoria. She used her cellphone to place an order only to discover that the business was closed for the day. Ms. Hrynyk left the parking lot via Tillicum Road.

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