CASE LAW - Vora v Adams

BC Courts Coat of ArmsThe case of Vora v Adams resulted from a collision at the intersection of 96 Avenue at 168 street in Surrey. The crash occurred in darkness, high winds and rain. The questions to be resolved at trial were concerning the headlights on the Vora vehicle and whether the traffic lights were functioning or not.

Speed Limits

70 km/h Speed SignA reader asks: "If the posted speed limits on our roadways are not just suggestions, why are they not enforced? If we are permitted to drive above the posted limit, how far above, and if so, how is anyone ever cited for speeding?"

PROCLAMATION - Day of Remembrance for Road Crash Victims

The National Day of Remembrance for Road Crash Victims occurs in Canada each year on the third Wednesday in November. The BC Government issued an official proclamation of the day, which comes before the World Day of Remembrance held on the third Sunday of November.

PROJECT - BC Safe Routes Now

BC Cycling Coalition LogoThe BC Cycling Coalition is asking you to speak up for safe cycling and active transportation. The group would like you to help to realize the transportation future of BC—a complete transportation network suitable for people of all ages, abilities, and socio-economic backgrounds.

Yellow Ribbons Mean The Crash Has Been Checked

Car in DitchWhen winter weather turned bad suddenly I would often find my shift was a busy one, driving from vehicle to vehicle in the ditch at the side of the road. Of course, we were obligated to check collisions and insure that no one was hurt but in this situation manpower often did not match the number of incidents reported. The situation was made worse by repeated reports of the same vehicle with a different description and location.

VIDEO - Vancouver's Worst Drivers: November 8, 2022

VideoVancouver's Worst Drivers is a YouTube channel that features submitted dash cam video from BC's Lower Mainland highlighting examples of terrible driving. The videos show collisions, people being dumb behind the wheel, people having no idea how rules of the road work, pedestrians doing stupid things, along with rants on things that drive the channel author nuts about other drivers.

WEBSITE - Slow Streets

Slow Streets LogoSlow Streets is a Vancouver based urban planning and design group. Their website features the biography of Darren Proulx who describes himself as a plangineer of places, active transportation and tactical urbanism to create great cities for people. The group's position is that "A street is more than simply about moving automobiles. Reconsidering the use of streets can achieve significant and positive impacts for cities."

Driver Perception and Reaction Times

StopwatchI usually talk about driver perception and reaction times in relation to using a signal light but it applies equally well to many other areas of driving such as following distances or why the speed limit might seem low on what appears to be a straight road. The question is "How long do I need to do something such as signalling before I change lanes?"

REPORT - Intersection Safety Camera Statistics 2021

intersection camera warning signRoadSafetyBC has released an annual report on Intersection Safety Cameras (ISC) for 2021. According to the report ICBC conducted a survey in fall of 2021 that found that public support for use of red light cameras is 77% and speed cameras is 72%. The ISC program operates 140 digital cameras installed at high-risk intersections throughout BC to enforce red light running offences.

REPORT - Measuring the Impact of Drug Impaired Driving

No Impaired DrivingThe Canadian Center for Drug Abuse and Addiction has released a report titled Measuring the Impact of Drug Impaired Driving. The report suggests that not enough is known about driving while impaired by drugs other than alcohol and its effects on people living in Canada.

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