WORKSAFEBC - Defective Vehicle Penalties

WorkSafeBC LogoCanadian Occupational Safety Magazine reports an example of two B.C. employers receiving significant penalties for vehicle safety violations. Qualified Contractors Limited of Surrey and BNN Enterprises Limited of Pitt Meadows both failed to properly maintain farm worker transportation vehicles.

Changing Lanes in Intersections

Lane ChangeI am often asked to tell the motoring public that it is illegal to change lanes in an intersection. I cannot do this, because there is no specific rule prohibiting this driving action in B.C.'s Motor Vehicle Act. However, a defensive driver will choose not to do this, even if it is legal.

CASE LAW - R v Hrynyk

BC Courts Coat of ArmsKimberly Hrynyk pulled into a Starbucks in Victoria. She used her cellphone to place an order only to discover that the business was closed for the day. Ms. Hrynyk left the parking lot via Tillicum Road.

ICBC - Introducing the Street Sense Interactive Driver Training Simulation

ICBC LogoICBC has introduced a new Street Sense driver training simulation. According to ICBC's description, Street Sense is a state-of-the-art hazard perception training application that helps you identify common hazards that can be easily missed when you're on the road.

Watch Where You Walk

Pedestrian CrossingA man I observed in a parking lot started me thinking about how little care we sometimes take for our own safety when we are pedestrians. I was preparing to back out of my parking spot and had put my truck in reverse, then did a scan to the rear before I started letting up on the clutch. A male crossing behind me did not slow or even bother to look to see what my intentions were.

REPORT - Motor Vehicle Related Crashes, Injuries and Fatalities 10-year Statistics for British Columbia, 2011-2020

BC LogoRoadSafetyBC has published a report, Motor Vehicle Related Crashes, Injuries and Fatalities: 10 Year Statistics for British Columbia, 2011-2020.

VIDEO - Road Guy Rob and Pedestrian Crossing Lights

VideoRoad Guy Rob is a civil engineer who delights in explaining traffic engineering to the public. Although he is based in California, some of the information contained in his videos applies equally well here in British Columbia. I enjoy watching his enthusiasm and sharing his videos, this one being about how the HAWK beacon makes crossing any highway safer for pedestrians.

Parking, Stopping or Standing - What's the Difference?

no parking signParking, stopping or standing, what's the difference and why is it important to you as a driver? Recognizing these road signs and knowing what is allowed and what isn't with regard to these three situations can mean the difference between your convenience and being ticketed and towed for ignoring or mistaking them.

IMPERSONATING A POLICE VEHICLE - What to do if You are Suspicious

Police Officer approaching from behind driverCoquitlam RCMP suggests the following tips to motorists who believe they are being stopped by non-legitimate police vehicle:

Q&A - Will Automated Licence Plate Recognition Identify the Principal Driver?

Q&A ImageQUESTION: I lost my license so I added a new principal driver to my insurance. He has a valid license and he will be driving my car for the time I'm suspended. Will my licence plate still be flagged if they are scanned by automated license plate recognition (ALPR)? I don't want us getting pulled over all the time while driving my daughter back and forth from school.

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