Q&A - Parking an Uninsured Car on the Street

no parking signMy question is whether it is illegal to park a car that is uninsured in a residental area the driveway is full up and I wonder if parking anywhere else near the house uninsured can be fined or towed? If so how much is the fine.



Yes, it is illegal to park an unlicenced, uninsured vehicle on the street. The circumstances are almost exactly the same as the answer in the topic about being impounded for driving while uninsured. As you will see, the section deals with both moving and parked vehicles.

The fine under section 13(1) is $109. Towing and storage is likely to be inconvenient and nearly the same cost.

That's expensive for parking....

you can't park an uninsured

you can't park an uninsured car or trailer on the public road. On private property you can, Also on private property you can also drive with out a license but as soon as you hit the road or cross it you need insurance and license. This is mostly used by farmers who have a farm truck to lug stuff around the farm. I learned to drive at the age of 10 simply because you can on private land. Now if you have an accident the land owner is liable but if that's your self are you going to sue your self. Now if you let someone else you could be sued which is why it's not recomended. Once you leave the road to say go off roading your insurance is useless since it doesn't cover off the road. So if you want a truck to go into the back woods once you leave the road you have no insurance coverage.

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