VIDEO - The Distracted Mind

video iconThis short cartoon from Toyota and TED explains why distracted driving is a bad idea. Our brains really do not multitask, they focus on single tasks and when we try to do more than one thing at a time, break these multiple tasks into single tasks totally focused on for short periods of time.

Q&A - Right Turns From Wide Curb Lanes

Q&A ImageMy question relates to right turns. In the City of Vancouver there are a number of intersections where the roadway is of sufficient width for three lanes each way but are only striped for 2. The right lane is therefore double the width of the left lane, and generally is used to accommodate parking and bus stops. Main Street at 41st Avenue southbound is a good example.

Designated Drivers Must Obey Restrictions

New Driver SignsDrivers who are part of B.C.'s Graduated Licencing Program (GLP) are limited to the number of passengers that they are allowed to carry by a restriction on their driver's licence. This restriction is designed to minimize the driver distraction that might be caused by a carload of rambunctious friends. The only exception to this restriction is when the passengers are family members.

CASE LAW - Olchowy v Tomkulak

BC Courts Coat of ArmsThis is the story of a two vehicle collision that happened in the uncontrolled intersection of Jervis Street and Gordon Avenue in Port Coquitlam, B.C. Michelle Olchowy was travelling south on Jervis Street and Clifford Tomkulak was travelling east on Gordon Avenue. Ms. Olchowy entered the intersection within a second or fraction of a second of Mr. Tomkulak.

Q&A - Passenger Limits When Passengers are Drunk?

New Driver Signs 2011My Friends were at a Christmas party, and had their 20 year old son pick them up at 11:30 to drive them home as they had been drinking. They got stopped in a roadblock and the son got a $311.00 fine for driving with too many people in the car.

He made everyone get out of the vehicle and walk.