Applying Window Tint to Your Vehicle

tinted side windowsWindow tinting looks cool, keeps your vehicle interior cool, or hides your vehicle contents from potential thieves. The drawback with tinting certain windows is that it limits the driver's ability to see and be seen. It is also illegal and may result in enforcement action in the form of either a ticket or a repair order.

VIDEO - How to Install Tire Chains

VideoBuying a set of tire chains and stowing them in the trunk without ever trying to install them might not be a good idea. The first time you will be called to use them will mean installing them in the worst of conditions and taking too long to do the task could even mean being hit by a passing vehicle. A little practice now, as shown in this video, might make life easier somewhere down the road....

Q&A - Why do They Need my Birthdate?

Q&A ImageWhy does the RCMP call taker make me feel like not ever calling in reports of impaired drivers anymore? (And I am not the only one that has commented on this).

I have always felt it as my duty to alert RCMP if there is an impaired driver on the road. I am willing to provide my name, my address, my phone number, and the pertinent details about the vehicle / driver etc. etc.