In Car Television

In Car TelevisionIs it legal to install a television set in a vehicle? There are two answers to this question, one simple and the other complicated. Driver distraction and the possibility of a collision resulting from it is a very real concern.

READING - Energy Drinks and Impaired Driving

National Safety Commission LogoThe US National Safety Commission reports on the use of energy drinks and the possibility of caffeine impaired driving. Energy drinks contain significant amounts of caffeine and when consumed to excess can lead to caffeine intoxication. This results in behavioural changes that increase the risk of aggressive driving and collision.


READING - Concern About Pedestrians and Bicyclists

TIRF LogoThe Traffic Injury Research Foundation reports that Canadians are not overly concerned about the behaviours and safety of pedestrians and bicyclists according to a public opinion poll. However, crash data and self-reported behaviour illustrate that concern is still warranted. “Pedestrians and bicyclists are among the most vulnerable of road users,” says Ward Vanlaar, TIRF researcher and lead author of the Road Safety Monitor series.

Two or Four Winter Tires?

Winter tire on carI began driving my own car in the mid-fifties and I always used winter tires on the rear only during the winter months. Based on about thirty years of experience, I feel that I am quite capable of managing winter driving with the traction arrangement I had for rear drive in the past. However, I am not interested in contravening any legislated law or regulation.

VIDEO - 1959 Bel Air vs 2009 Malibu

VideoAs part of the celebration of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's 50th anniversary, they conducted an offset frontal crash test between a 1959 Chevrolet Bel Air and a 2009 Chevrolet Malibu. The driver of the Bel Air would not have survived the crash, but the driver of the Malibu would likely only have sustained minor injuries.

READING - Driver Attitude to Speeding and Speed Management

SpeederCanadian drivers seem to agree that speeding is a dangerous action. It increases the possibility of collision, injury and death on our highways. However, most drivers have a fairly elastic view of how the speed limits apply to themselves with the majority (7 in 10) reporting that they occasionally exceed the speed limit. Regardless, there is significant public support for anti-speeding measures.

CASE LAW - Saffari v Lopez

BC Courts Coat of ArmsA vehicle driven by the plaintiff, Mona Saffari, collided with the rear of a vehicle driven by the defendant, Martin Lopez, and owned by the defendant, Stephanie Pfeifer. At the time, both vehicles were headed from North Vancouver toward Vancouver and had entered the on-ramp to proceed southbound on the Lions Gate Bridge. Mr. Lopez had stopped suddenly on the on-ramp and was held partially at fault for the collision in this judgment.

VIDEO - 1936 Vintage Automobile Safety Film

VideoThis vintage driver training film from Chevrolet compares safe driving to flying in military formation and encourages drivers to get "the airplane view" of what is going on around them in traffic. It is interesting to see the driving practices in the film that are not commented on and would never be accepted as proper driving behaviour today.

RESOURCE - Winter Tire Information

TireSmart Tire GraphicThe Rubber Association of Canada has published a brochure titled "Winter Tires Matter." The brochure explains why winter tires are important and suggests that if you can see your breath when you are outside, it is time to put them on your vehicle. It also includes a tire buyers checklist to help you decide which tire is best for you.


CASE LAW - HMTQ v Multari

BC Courts Coat of ArmsDrivers that fail to produce identification such as a BC driver's license when stopped present a very real difficulty for the officer. Is the driver one that cannot be bothered, did they just forget it this trip, or are they prohibited, unlicensed or impersonating someone else to avoid being charged?