Headlamps 101

HID HeadlightsLong winter nights mean we spend more time driving while using our headlamps. All headlamps are not created equal however, so some vehicles are safer to drive at night than others.

CASE LAW - R v Grzelak

BC Courts Coat of ArmsPatrick Grzelak has a habit of driving while wearing earbuds that are attached to his iPhone because they help block out the drone of the highway. He was stopped by police and issued a violation ticket for using an electronic device while driving. A dispute of that traffic ticket was not successful so he appealed his conviction to the supreme court of BC.

CASE LAW - R v Seraji

BC Courts Coat of ArmsIt's relatively rare to see a traffic court decision appealed by the Crown. In this case, Aria Seraji was charged with excessive speed and disputed the traffic ticket. After his trial the judicial justice found that Mr. Seraji was not driving at excessive speed and convicted him of the lesser included offence of speeding. Crown appealed the decision.

Be Safe, Be Seen

pedestrian conspicuityOne would think that the most likely pedestrian to be struck on our highways would be a child. They are impulsive, may not follow the rules because they don't know them, and have not yet had the experience to fear the outcome of a bad decision.

ICBC - TechPilot Project

ICBC LogoWould you volunteer to have your driving monitored all the time that you are behind the wheel in order to benefit from reduced insurance rates? Driver telematics are becoming a common way for insurance companies to assess a driver's crash risk and help set rates that are appropriate for that risk level.

Q&A - Who Can Use a Cycle Lane?

Q&A ImageQ: Hi I am a bike commuter and use the bike lanes often. I often encounter other types of people using the bike lane for various other activities, as well as people sometimes three of them on a motorized scooter. Please clarify, who is allowed to use the bicycle lanes in Kelowna?

Check Your Lights

HID HeadlightsThe next time you get into your vehicle, start it up, set the parking brake, turn on all of the lights and the hazard flashers. Walk around your vehicle and check all the lights. Are they all lit as they should be, and are the lenses clean, intact and still the right colour? If so, you are good to go from the standpoint of lights at least.

CONTEST - Canada's Safest Driver

canada's safest driverAre you really a better than average driver? Well, here's your chance to prove it and win prizes at the same time. Parachute, in co-operation with Desjardins, is conducting the Canada's Safest Driver contest between October 1 and November 26, 2020.

ELECTION 2020 - Road Safety Issues

BC LogoBC residents will be electing a new provincial government on October 24, 2020. Prior to the past two elections I e-mailed the four principal parties and asked if they had any road safety planks in their election platforms. I was added to mailing lists and sent boilerplate responses, but never received a considered answer. Perhaps this will be different in 2020, but I'm not holding my breath.

CYCLING - Bike to Work Week 2020

CyclistBike to Work Week runs from September 28 to October 4, 2020.  Convert sedentary time behind the steering wheel, into time pedaling their bicycle wheels; enjoying healthy, environmentally friendly, active transportation and win prizes as well as improving your health. This fall's grand prize is a trip for 2 cycling the Atlantic coast of Portugal!

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