ROAD SAFETY AT WORK - Supervising Employees Who Drive for Work

Road Safety at Work LogoRoad Safety at Work is hosting a free course aimed at helping supervisors who are responsible for employees that drive as part of their job be more effective. The two lesson on line course is free and will take between 40 and 60 minutes to complete.

ICBC - Year in Review 2019 / 2020

ICBC LogoICBC has published The Road We're On, it's 2019 / 2020 year in review. The 14 page document is a quick overview of what was accomplished over the corporation's last fiscal year. President and CEO Nicolas Jiminez says in the introduction that British Columbians are still paying too much for auto insurance.

Winter Tires

Winter Tire SymbolOutside temperatures have dipped below 7 degrees, so it's time to consider installing your winter tires if you use them. Residents in the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island might be able to get away with good all season or all weather tires if they stick close to home, but vehicles being driven in the rest of the province really should be equipped with true winter tires.

Q&A - Cyclist Failed to Yield

Yield to Bicycles SignQuestion: I was driving at the intersection of 2nd Avenue and the Cambie Street on ramp in Vancouver. I turned right on a green light to head onto Cambie Street. I did not have to yield to any pedestrians as they were being held by the pedestrian signal. I moved about 20 feet into turn and my car was struck on the passenger side by a bicyle rider doing full speed.

VIDEO - Amazon's Alexa: Back Seat Driver

VideoLet's not be serious for a moment and enjoy a quick humourous video about a driver assistance system that features Amazon's Alexa. In this case it's Alexa doing that tattling, but I have stopped a driver in the past for not wearing his seatbelt and had the child in the passenger seat pipe up "See Dad, I told you to put it on when we left!"

Gravity is Not Load Security

No Load SecurityThree incidents this week prompt me to remind everyone about load security. Two boats have taken unexpected cruises along the pavement and a falling ladder caused a minor injury collision when the driver following along behind attempted to avoid the sudden obstacle in front of her. All of these incidents were cases of improper load security.

TRANSPORT CANADA - Phantom Vehicles

Transport Canada New LogoTransport Canada has announced a new lighting standard aimed at preventing phantom vehicles, or vehicles being driven at night with no rear lights illuminated. As of September 2021 the Canadian Vehicle Lighting Regulation will mandate that new vehicles (cars, trucks, SUVs, 3-wheeled vehicles, motorcycles and heavy trucks) sold in Canada must implement one of the following:

OPINION - The Problem With the Concept of Right of Way

conflictDespite people regularly discussing who has the right of way in particular situations, the Motor Vehicle Act (MVA) does not grant right of way to any vehicle operator. It requires that vehicle operators yield to others in all situations where conflict occurs.

Stop, Look, Listen, THEN Report

TelephoneResponding to an emergency can sometimes be a significant challenge. One call I was involved with had us trying to find a three vehicle pileup in the northbound lanes of a major rural highway near where there had been a recent fire in the median. There was no indication of how bad any injuries were, but since the highway is posted at 110 km/h someone is probably hurt so police, fire and ambulance were all dispatched.

READING - Best Practice for Urban Road Safety

International Transport Forum logoHere's a relatively short document from the International Transport Forum outlining seven case studies in four areas:

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