Auto Accident Survivor's Guide

image of auto accident survivor's guide for british columbia book coverJill Franklin was injured in a collision in 1990 while walking on the streets of Vancouver. Based on her experience she wrote the Auto Accident Survivor's Guide for British Columbia. It details her experience dealing with ICBC and the provincial medical system. The book is now out of print but can be read on line for free.

Significant Penalty Increase for Overheight Violations

Province of BC LogoThe provincial government has announced it's intent to implement a significant penalty increase for commercial vehicles involved in infrastructure collisions. A fine of up to $100,000 and imprisonment of up to 18 months could be faced by drivers of overheight loads that collide with an overpass.

Taking the Wrong Cue

image of a red traffic lightWe take many of our driving cues from what is happening around us when we are in traffic. If we are paying attention and watching for the correct cues all goes well. Stop paying full attention to the driving task, accidentally take the wrong cue and you can easily cause a collision.

Penalty Points and How They Affect You

Ticket WriterI’ve always understood penalty points to be a kind of score keeping method to assign a level of risk to the breach of a traffic rule. The more dangerous the violation, the more penalty points that would be assigned to a driving conviction. Rack up too many points in a set period of time and you would have to pay ICBC premiums and risk a driving prohibition from RoadSafetyBC.