VIEWPOINT - Maintain Your Proper Lane Position!

SoapboxI'm not sure if you have covered this in previous columns but two of my biggest peeves is people that can't maintain proper lane positioning and people that shave corners. This is extremely dangerous if the offending driver is coming into your lane and a friggin' nuisance when following behind someone that 'gets into the gravel" and spits it up. What happened to the drivers courtesy today?

CASE LAW - Murdoch v Biggers

BC Courts Coat of ArmsA green light doesn't always mean go unless you've had a good look to make sure that there are no hazards present before you proceed. Jennifer Biggers learned this when the vehicle she was driving collided with Carol Murdoch, who was crossing quickly in a marked crosswalk against a red light.

Q&A - Excessive Speed and Vehicle Impound

Q&A ImageMy girlfriend used my car last night and was caught speeding. Besides the ticket, my vehicle was impounded for 7 days. I was out of province and returned today and now can't get to work. So... How is this my problem?

My car is insured, she has a license and was fined as well. She drove her car to pick me up.

She still allowed to drive but I can't?? This is absurd.

Slow Down, Move Over Revisited

slow down move overNot much has changed since this law dictated what drivers passing emergency vehicles on the shoulder of the road must do in 2009. Drivers still fail to slow down and move over when possible, putting the safety of emergency workers at unnecessary risk. Our provincial Learn to Drive Smart guide speaks of the See, Think, Do method, and that's exactly what is needed in these situations.

CASE LAW - Ormiston v ICBC

BC Courts Coat of ArmsDixon Ormiston fell from his bicycle and sustained serious injury after being forced against a concrete abutment by a vehicle that veered into his path while he was passing it on the right side. Of interest in deciding the liability in this case is the examination of passing on the right, both by a vehicle driver and a cyclist. In general, passing on the right is forbidden in British Columbia and Mr. Ormiston was found to be 30% liable for this collision.

Q&A - Who is responsible for road markings?

Q&A ImageIs this a municipal or provincial responsibility? I see countless examples each year where there are many ways (or in cases, no reasonable way) to take the markings on the road, especially at <50 kph. If a person has these problems in understanding the intent and the expected behaviour, who should queries be directed to? Please advise? Thanks!

Q&A - Pedestrian Controlled Crosswalks

Q&A ImageI'm confused, please clarify BC road rules. At a pedestrian controlled crosswalk, after the pedestrian has cleared the crosswalk, though while the light is still solid red... Can the driver then proceed?

And also, if the pedestrian controlled crosswalk was red, can the car stopped at the stop signs (of the joining road) enter... And wait in front of the cross walk, or drive on thru?

The Better Than Average Driver

OptimismHave you ever met anyone who would admit to being less than a better than average driver? The next time you are having a casual conversation in a group ask this question. Changes are good that the majority of the people there will rate themselves as better than average, something that cannot be as half of us have to be less than average drivers.

Q&A - Riding in the Back of a Pickup Truck

Q&A ImageI just wanted to check - is it legal to have adult passengers ride in the back/box of a pickup truck while driving in BC, and are there any restrictions, i.e. Highways etc?

Using Stop Signs to Control Speed

stop signSpeeds considered excessive by residents are considered reasonable by these same persons when they are driving in another neighborhood. This observation is taken from a publication titled Speed Control in Residential Areas by the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE). It goes on to say that residents’ complaints are usually accompanied by a proposed solution to the speeding problem...stop signs.

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