Q&A - Can't See The Lane Markings, do I Follow the Tracks?

Q&A ImageQUESTION: Just wondering....when the roads are snow covered and you can't see the painted lines but there are tracks worn in the snow and are not within the 'lanes' what are ther legal responsibilities and duties especially if one is in an accident because one person is in the 'lane' and the other is in the worn tracks.

Disputing An Excessive Speeding Ticket

Q&A ImageWest Vancouver, Highway 1, going East. Speed limit is 90. Snowboarders in a van with WA plates zip ahead pushing 140 going back home. Following the van I catch myself going pretty fast and slow down. A couple of seconds after that I see a patrol car with lights on in hot pursuit behind me. I though he was after the WA van, but he pulled me over instead... I had my wife, a baby and mother-in-law in the car.

When to Replace a Broken Windshield

Windshield CrackRecently I was coming back from the ski hill and got a rock chip in my windshield that has started to crack and spider. I know there is a violation ticket that may be written for a cracked windshield. I plan on getting it changed in the spring after the roads are swept because I don't really want to spend $200 dollars to have a windshield changed on the chance it may get hit with another rock.

Q&A - How to Get My Licence Back?

Counter Attack LogoI pleaded guilty to a charge of impaired driving about 2 1/2 years ago. I was told by the court that I would receive a 1 year suspension and a $1000 fine. Based on this information, I plead guilty.

I knew it was going to be a tough 12 months, but knew I would come out of it with a whole new outlook on drinking and driving.

Q&A - Right of Way at Signalized Intersection

Q&A ImageA car enters a 6-lane deep intersection on a green light with intentions to go straight through but the car in front of him stops mid-intersection and turns on it's left turn signal, causing the car behind to stop and wait. The light turns yellow and then red before the vehicle turning left is able to proceed. The car behind now must exit the intersection but the perpendicular lanes of traffic now have a green light.