Acceleration Lanes

Acceleration LaneAcceleration lanes assist traffic to join with others on higher speed and volume highways. At the opposite end, the deceleration lane exists to leave the traffic flow and slow down to join others on lower speed and volume highways. Proper use of these lanes minimizes the risk of collision and eases the difficulty in finding a place of your own.

Dear RoadSafetyBC

RoadSafetyBCWith the tourist season in full swing the traffic flow in our patrol area has increased noticeably. The incidence of really interesting driving behaviours has climbed along with it. Of course, we sit down at coffee and swap stories about what we have seen and shake our heads in amazement. I think I might have heard the best one yet this past weekend.

Leave Yourself an Out

Exclamation Mark SignDo you plan to avoid trouble when you are driving? A defensive driver always tries to maintain a space cushion around their vehicle to give themselves both time to decide and a place to go if a problem occurs. It is an active role rather than a reactive one and requires continual thought and adjustment.

Turning at Intersections

IntersectionIntersections are dangerous places. Yielding right of way is probably the main concern, but the path you travel through one is just as important. Some drivers are so sloppy with their technique that they activate the traffic signals by driving over the detection loops in the oncoming lane when they exit the intersection!

Using the Highway as a Work Area

Roadside RepairShort of a collision, one of the worst things that happens to us as we travel from place to place is having our vehicle break down on us. Most of us opt to call a tow truck and have the problem repaired by professionals. However, some of us prefer to do it ourselves and have a tool kit handy to make minor repairs on the spot.

To Write, or Not to Write...

Ticket Writer"Don't you guys ever do anything else than write tickets?" asked the visibly upset gentleman who had just been stopped for travelling at 86 km/h in the posted 60 km/h zone. "Can't you give a guy a warning? This is my second ticket this year and I will owe ICBC a lot of money!"

Running on the Ragged Edge

Truck TractorI've noticed something that concerns me in my travels lately, and that is the single long, narrow, curved tire marks that begin about two thirds of the way into a corner and end when the curve does. They don't appear in the traffic lane in the lateral position that one would expect of a vehicle travelling where it should either.

Personal Security

VIN PlateI have been asked two questions about personal security that are vehicle related lately. One concerns blocking your vehicle identification number (VIN) plate so that it cannot be read by anyone and the other is carrying a photocopy of your vehicle licence and insurance document with the address on it removed. Both are attempts to thwart the potential actions of thieves.

No More Speed Traps

Radar TrapDepending on which side of the fence you are on, this pronouncement from Inspector Norm Gaumont who is the head of Traffic Services for the RCMP in British Columbia has certainly caused comment. Of all the sections in the Motor Vehicle Act, those that set the speed limit are certainly held in the most contempt by the drivers I see during my patrols.


Intersection CrashI was driving through Nanaimo on a day off and approching an intersection showing me a green light. Just as I entered, I heard a loud crash and glanced to my left. One vehicle had attempted a turn across the highway and had gotten into the way of oncoming traffic. I glanced into my rearview mirror and watched the car cross over the highway behind me and stop in the ditch.

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