Slow Driving

Slow DriverHave you ever touched on the subject of drivers doing 5 to 15km below the posted speed limit? It's extremely annoying. The passing lanes are usually not available due to Murphy's Law, and the 4 lane stretches are great when you find one, but never when you need them!

Winter Tires

Winter Tire Symbol'Tis the season, to think about winter tires that is. Residents in the lower mainland and Vancouver Island might be able to get away with good all season tires if they stick close to home, but the rest of the province really should be equipped with true winter tires. After all, the signs requiring winter tires or the carrying of chains are already up in some parts of the province.

Disputing the Penalty

Violation Ticket

I don't like that cop's attitude. I'm going to dispute this ticket! It might seem to be the right thing to do, but when you arrive in traffic court, you will find that the justice isn't interested in hearing about it.

Parking Lots

Parking Lot"Are there specific rules of the road for parking lots?" asks a reader. "If so please clarify them." This is an important question, because a parking lot is a hybrid composed of private property and a highway as defined in the Motor Vehicle Act (MVA). Both the property owner and the traffic rules control drivers who use them.

Limited Speed Motorcycles

Limited Speed MotorcycleDoes the price at the pump have you thinking economy? If so, you are not alone. One reader has asked about limited speed motorcycles. They have heard that you can ride one with a regular driver's licence and don't have to get a class six.

Flashing Traffic Signals

Traffic Signal Warning SignA motorist will encounter three types of flashing traffic signals, red, yellow and green. Learn to Drive Smart, BC's Safe Driving Guide gives examples of each situation, but the law set out in the Motor Vehicle Act is more descriptive. Let's examine each case and see what is required.

Cellular Phones

Driving Distractions

It is interesting to watch drivers trying to cope with an intersection when they have a cell phone clamped to one ear with one hand and only one left to do the driving with. No signal, failing to turn into the proper lane and erratic steering are just some of the antics that can be seen. It's a good thing we are not in the way of the conversation.

School Bus Safety

School BusHaving looked at School Zones in last week's column, I will continue the theme and look at the school bus this week. The potential for confusion exists here because there is more than one method used in various school districts for loading and unloading students at the side of the highway.

Slow Down, School Zone!

School Zone Sign

Is it really necessary to remind everyone that school starts again next week? Well, if you were one of the 2,300 pedestrians killed or injured in B.C. last year you might agree that this is a good idea. Walk safe, be safe, be seen is this year's message.

Passing on the Left

Passing on the LeftWe tend to take this driving action for granted because we do it all the time. Indeed, I would not have considered writing on the subject without a reader's request. Time for a back to the basics column!

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