Preventative Maintenance

Car RepairWould you do a column on the importance of vehicle maintenance? Not only regarding upkeep of tires, fluids, brakes, or suspension, but also the importance of regularly checking to ensure all the lights on the vehicle are clean and in good working order.

Traffic Calming

Traffic CalmingWe recently moved to Comox from Ontario and we love everything about the area, the people, the weather....all except one thing: the speed at which some vehicles travel is exceptionally fast and dangerous. As soon as they can see the road is clear, feet hit gas pedals.

Street Racing

Street RacingHow is "street racing" defined? I've heard a lot about this subject lately and I'm puzzled about what constitutes street racing. I understand the obvious cases where two cars are having a late night drag race on public roads, but I don't understand how you would judge a more ambiguous circumstance. Where is the line drawn?

What to do After a Crash

Collision PhotoFortunately for us all, the majority of collisions in British Columbia don't involve injury or death. Rather they leave us feeling foolish and facing a significant dollar amount of property damage. How do you protect yourself in the event of a collision like this, especially since the police may not attend property damage or minor injury crashes?

Window Tinting

Tinted WindowsWindow tinting looks cool, keeps your vehicle interior cool, or hides your vehicle contents from potential thieves. The drawback with tinting certain windows is that it limits the driver's ability to see and be seen. It is also illegal and may result in enforcement action in the form of either a ticket or a repair order.

VINs, Keys and Thieves

VIN PlateWe have been getting some emails about thieves writing down the serial number from the car, then going to the garage, with a story of course, and getting a key made for your car. Could you write something on this and verify this statement is true. What can we do to stop this?

Confusion at the 4 Way Stop

4 Way Stop SignI was riding my bike down a steep hill on the approach to a 4-way stop. I could clearly see 2 vehicles traveling in opposite directions approaching the stop from my left and right. In order to ensure my safety I slowed down enough to time it so that I would be the third vehicle at the stop in order to allow those two to proceed in proper order ahead of me.

Hydrophobic Windshield Treatments

Wet WeatherIf you are like me, the worst time to be driving is at night in the pouring rain. It's like driving into a wet sack of coal! When another vehicle approaches, the glare of their headlights can be blinding. When driving is a necessity rather than a choice, what's a driver to do?

School Zones

School Zone SignIt's time again for the annual school zone column. You know, the one where it says slow down, obey the school zone speed limits and watch out for children who are too excited about going back to school to watch for traffic? I write something like this every year, but maybe this year it's time to look at the situation just a little differently.

Drop in Fatal Collisions

Fatal Collision GraphA recent study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety suggests that the declining death rate in vehicle crashes since 1994 is due to the protection provided by improvements in automotive design. It is not due to enforcement, changes in highway design standards or increased driver competence. It comments on our increasingly hazardous traffic environment and cautions against the increased travel speeds favoured by today's drivers.

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