Personal Security

VIN PlateI have been asked two questions about personal security that are vehicle related lately. One concerns blocking your vehicle identification number (VIN) plate so that it cannot be read by anyone and the other is carrying a photocopy of your vehicle licence and insurance document with the address on it removed. Both are attempts to thwart the potential actions of thieves.

No More Speed Traps

Radar TrapDepending on which side of the fence you are on, this pronouncement from Inspector Norm Gaumont who is the head of Traffic Services for the RCMP in British Columbia has certainly caused comment. Of all the sections in the Motor Vehicle Act, those that set the speed limit are certainly held in the most contempt by the drivers I see during my patrols.


Intersection CrashI was driving through Nanaimo on a day off and approching an intersection showing me a green light. Just as I entered, I heard a loud crash and glanced to my left. One vehicle had attempted a turn across the highway and had gotten into the way of oncoming traffic. I glanced into my rearview mirror and watched the car cross over the highway behind me and stop in the ditch.

Stuck in an Intersection

Do Not Block IntersectionLately I have noticed a number of drivers who have entered the intersection on the green traffic light intending to make a left turn and then backed up instead of turning once the light has changed to red. There are a number of reasons that a driver should not do this as it creates confusion for other drivers and is an illegal movement.

Pedestrians on the Highway

Pedestrian Crossing"Don't pedestrians have to use the sidewalks?" asks a reader. The concern expressed here is that when a safe place is provided for pedestrians away from traffic flow, some people choose not to use it. The reader observes that these people make life difficult for drivers by adding one more hazard on the roadway.

Turns and Turn Signals

Turn SignalThere must be a lot of frustration out there among the readers of this column! Each week I receive a number of suggestions on what topic should appear here, often with the comment that some of the really bad drivers should do more reading. I'm happy to oblige with this column on the subject of turns and turn signals.

Canada Road Safety Week

Road Safety Vision 2010Canada Road Safety Week will run from May 17 to May 24, 2005. The program, developed by the RCMP, Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, Transport Canada and many other traffic safety agencies was created to focus attention on safe driving practices.

Driver Survivor

AutoplanAbout 36% of deaths of people aged 13 to 21 are the result of vehicle crashes. 82 teens were killed in car crashes last year in B.C. and 41,530 youth related crash incidents occurred in 2002. Ouch!

Driving Without a Licence

BC Driver's LicenceA reader has asked "What would happen to me if I was caught driving without a drivers licence?" It is a question that will expose serious consequences for you and the owner of the vehicle you are driving if it is not your own.

Your Teen's Vehicle

teens carWe are an affluent society. Teens today own vehicles in numbers only dreamed about when I was that age. Often their disposable income doesn't end there and many dollars are spent on vehicle modifications and improvements. Some are good, some are borderline and others are decidedly unsafe.

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