VIDEO - Booze Busted 2013

VideoOur friends in Australia are taking on impaired driving with this tongue in cheek video. Done with a game show theme, it explains all the things that a drinking driver may "win." They are not afraid to state that if you chose to drink and drive, you are a bloody idiot! You will see that BC is not the only jurisdiction that deals harshly with impaired drivers.

Q&A - Bumper and Headlamp Heights

Q&A ImageQuestion: With all the off-road looking trucks on the road, I would like to know if there is a law regarding the height of bumpers and head lights on all vehicles. Some of these seem extremely dangerous in the event of an accident. The bumpers are at window height for most cars and the lights are blinding to other drivers at night.

Off Road Lamps

Off Road LampThere is little doubt in my mind that one of the most popular add on accessories for vehicles is some type of light. I was asked recently to comment by a visitor to the DriveSmartBC web site who said that he had noticed rectangular LED light bars in the bumpers and on the roofs of trucks and SUVs. While it is possible that some of these lamps are legal for use on the highway, many are not. The question is, how do you tell?

Q&A - Brakes on Boat Trailers

Q&A ImageI have a McGregor sailboat on a trailer, and many yeard ago the brakes rusted out (salt water) and I had to have them taken out in order to move. The rest of the trailer is quite sound. I was informed by people in the industry that I could still tow the trailer as as the boat is quite light and my towing vehicle is quite heavy duty.

Q&A - Pushing a Motorcycle on the Sidewalk

motorcycleI am aware that it is against regulations to park or stop on a sidewalk. Is 'Pushing' covered under the motor vehicle act? (pushing with the vehicle turned off and not riding in any way)

For example, say a motorcycle runs out of fuel, and the vehicle operator feels that leaving the motorcycle on the road wouldn't be the best thing to do, and that pushing the motor vehicle on the road seems unsafe.

What is a Highway?

image of a highwayMost people would describe a highway as a stretch of lined pavement that is meant to drive vehicles on, especially outside of municipal areas. This is a highway, but it is only a narrow part of the whole definition.

Radar and Laser Detectors

Radar DetectorI was asked what I thought about radar and laser detectors again today and why the government has not seen fit to outlaw them. It's an interesting question and definitely has as many answers as there are people to express an opinion. Let's take a look at it from the point of view of a mixed message delivered to drivers that may serve to promote a bad attitude.

VIEWPOINT - Benefits of lane filtering

motorcycleMy Definition of Lane filtering:  When a motorcycle moves through traffic in between stationary vehicles.

Being a Driver in England I am very familiar with filtering through stopped traffic, as as Car driver I would allow space for motorcycles to pass. As a Motorcycle Driver I would drive very slowly between the vehicles (under 10kph)