Seatbelt Rule Changes

Buckle UpYou have probably heard that the cost of a seatbelt ticket is going up once again. It will rise from $138 to $167 for those who haven't learned that buckling up is the best way to avoid injury and death in a crash. I suppose from their point of view the silver lining to that black cloud is that there are still no penalty points associated to a conviction.

Pedestrians & Signals

Walk SignalNo matter how quickly I react once the walk light comes on or how fast I walk, I can make it only halfway across and then the orange flashing light comes on. Vehicles proceed even though I am still on the crosswalk trying desperately to make it safely to the other side. It's impossible to keep eye contact with drivers. Many also are convinced they have a right to make the left turn even though I am still in the crosswalk, so what gives?

Motorcycle Helmets

Motorcycle HelmetOne of my old supervisors used to shake his head and say "$5.00 head, $5.00 helmet!" He was referring to Harley riders who wore "beanie" helmets that didn't do much more than hold the other ends of the chin straps.

Another Look at Airbags

AirbagDo you have any comment on the new trend out there of passengers riding in cars with their feet up on the dash of the car? This may be a comfortable position but it would quickly become life threatening if the car were in a crash and the airbag they are resting their feet on deploys.

Too Many Sirens

AmbulanceAt all hours of the day or night emergency vehicles will use their sirens. I live in a small quiet suburb and you can literally fire a cannon as they say, down the main road at night. It is not fun being awakened at 3 or 4 in the morning because of this. I can appreciate what these folks have to contend with as far as dumb drivers are concerned but in the early hours of the morning there are no cars.

Using HOV Lanes

HOV SignWhen travelling in the lower mainland I notice the HOV lanes require 2 or more persons in a vehicle. Does this apply when you are a pick up truck towing a 5th wheel trailer?

Noisy Motorcycles

MotorcycleThis subject is one of the most popular complaints that I receive from readers suggesting topics for the column. Obviously many people are bothered by the unnecessary noise emitted by some motorcycles on our highways, particularly those being driven in municipal areas. The complaint is usually that the police aren't doing anything about it.

Aggressive Driving

Angry DriverA good definition of an aggressive driver is "an individual committing a combination of moving traffic offenses so as to endanger other persons or property." Do you fit this definition? A paper on the subject that I read recently states that the answer to this question is most likely "no."

Parking Permits for People with Disabilities

Handicap SymbolAn article on the abuse of handicapped parking stalls and the abuse of persons with or without tags would be appreciated. I assume that the permit is issued to the person who is disabled. In many cases, the driver is not disabled. What are the regulations concerning the driver of a vehicle who is not handicapped and the use of the handicapped parking stall?

Speed Zone Boundaries

Speed SignWhen approaching a speed limit change along the highway -- as indicated by appropriate signage -- am I expected to alter my speed once the sign becomes visible to me so that I have reached the new limit by the time I reach the sign, or do I maintain my speed and then increase or reduce it only after I have reached the sign?

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