Street Racing Defined

Street RacingWhat is definition of street racing and what to do when you see street racers?

Unsafe Lane Changes

Unsafe Lane ChangeThere are days when I wish I still had my ticket book. I watched a particularly foolish middle aged driver the other afternoon who needed to cross over two lanes of traffic in order to prepare for a left turn about a kilometer ahead. This driver did zoom across all the lanes without pause, ending up in the left hand lane about three vehicle lengths ahead of a heavy truck.

Backing in Parking Lots

Backup LightsWhose fault is it if I back out of a parking space and hit someone driving by?

The Motor Vehicle Act places the responsibility squarely on the driver who is backing up. It says that a driver must not in any event or at any place cause a vehicle to move backwards unless the movement can be made in safety.

Stopping in Intersections

Stopping at IntersectionIn Penticton there is a left hand turning lane from Fairview Road onto the Channel Parkway. Industrial Avenue intersects Fairview Road close to that intersection. Often if there is a line up of cars in the left hand turning lane, some will leave a space for cars to go through from Industrial onto Fairview.

Bicycle Lanes

Bicycle LaneOur community recently put bike lanes in and within the first week there was a cyclist injured. Can you address how to handle bike lanes as a motorist? Is the bike lane treated as just another lane of traffic? When you are turning into a driveway or onto a road to the right and you have to cross a bike lane and there is a cyclist there, does the cyclist have the right away?


BulldozerSeveral times I've been on the highway and had someone, usually in a big truck or old car come right up behind me, so close that I can't really see the front of their vehicle. I drive a small Toyota and it scares me! Of course, this is what they mean to do because they are bullies. What do you think I can do next time I come across one of these people?

Ticket Fallacies

Violation TicketI refused to sign the ticket that I got for speeding last week. Does that mean this ticket is invalid and I don't have to pay it?


Motorcycle HelmetIs there a difference between the helmet laws which make it law to wear a helmet on a bicycle,and the wearing of one on a motorcycle? The reason I ask is that I ride both a motorcycle and a bicycle.

Watch Out For Motorcycles

MotorcycleWith good weather returning, I wonder if you could remind everyone that there are more motorcylists on the road. We all need to check around extra carefully because bikers are more vulnerable and easy to miss.

Turning Left Over Solid Lines

Left Turn Over Double Solid Line

You should do something about turning left on double solid lines, Port Alberni is terrible for it.

In defence of Port Alberni, I can probably say that all of British Columbia is terrible for it. Many drivers have an incomplete idea of what the lines on the road really mean. The basic intent is that regardless of what kind of line is painted down the center of the highway, drivers are required to stay to the right of it.

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